Colleen Dulle is assistant producer of audio and video at America.
Arts & Culture Books
Colleen DulleJanuary 11, 2019
The simple lessons of Jean Vanier on humility and Christian love always bear repeating.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleJanuary 09, 2019
Recent weeks have brought a number of stories that reveal how Pope Francis aims to lead the church on this issue.
Stephen Colbert on “Faith in Focus With Fr. James Martin SJ.”
Faith Faith in Focus
Colleen DulleDecember 26, 2018
We thought people might be interested in seeing some of their favorite celebrities talk about their faith. What we did not anticipate was that people who came across “Faith in Focus” would be excited about how normal, casual and nonjudgmental these spiritual conversations seemed.
Arts & Culture Film
Colleen DulleDecember 14, 2018
So what is it about these cheesy, mass-produced films that make them so irresistible?
Pope Francis visits Il Messaggero daily newspaper office in Rome Dec. 8.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleDecember 13, 2018
This week before “Inside the Vatican” goes on break, we are giving you a round-up of this year’s top Vatican news.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleDecember 05, 2018
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” we look at the pope's recent comments in the context of his other famous comment on gay priests: “Who am I to judge?”
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleNovember 28, 2018
This week we go over the plans (and planners) of the Vatican’s upcoming summit on sexual abuse. What do they tell us about what we might expect from this meeting—and whether it will create lasting change?
Pope Francis eats lunch with poor people
Faith News Analysis
Colleen DulleNovember 21, 2018
Gerry and Colleen look into some new developments in the stories surrounding the U.S. bishops' delay of the vote on new sex abuse protocols. They also discuss Pope Francis’ recent initiatives to make “invisible people visible.”
Faith News Analysis
Colleen DulleNovember 14, 2018
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” we devote the entire show to recent developments in the sexual abuse crisis.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleNovember 07, 2018
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” we cover new developments in the case of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.