Colleen Dulle is assistant producer of audio and video at America.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleMay 27, 2020
This week on "Inside the Vatican," the hosts discuss the Holy See's opposition to a U.S.-backed proposal for Israel to annex up to 30 percent of the West Bank.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleMay 20, 2020
This week on the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, the hosts discuss the Vatican's work to lead the world’s humanitarian and diplomatic response to the coronavirus pandemic, even as it faces a major decrease in income.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleMay 13, 2020
On this week’s episode of the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, the hosts discuss the Australian Royal Commission’s findings that Cardinal George Pell knew about priests abusing children in the Ballarat diocese as early as 1973.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleMay 09, 2020
On this episode of the Inside the Vatican podcast, the hosts explain the background of the London deal, what happened to the suspended employees, and what questions still remain.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleMay 06, 2020
On this episode of the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, America’s Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell and producer Colleen Dulle discuss a new interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleMay 02, 2020
On the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, Christopher Lamb and Colleen Dulle discuss opposition to the pope.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleApril 29, 2020
On this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” America’s Rome correspondent Gerard O’Connell explains what negotiations are happening between the bishops and the Italian government.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleApril 25, 2020
In this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia speaks to Colleen Dulle about the bioethical and international solidarity concerns arising from the coronavirus pandemic.
Arts & Culture Books
Colleen DulleApril 24, 2020
The church needs Madeleine Delbrêl’s words and example to transform our vision of one another, whether across ecclesial lines or simply across the subway aisle.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleApril 22, 2020
On this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts discuss the task force the pope has assembled to actualize his vision for a post-coronavirus world.