Colleen Dulle is assistant producer of audio and video at America.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleJanuary 22, 2020
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts look at the appointment of Francesca di Giovanni to a top role in the Vatican's Secretariat of State.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleJanuary 15, 2020
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts dedicate the entire episode to the questions surrounding the new book From the Depths of Our Hearts.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleJanuary 08, 2020
A look at U.S.-Iran tensions, the papal hand slap and The Two Popes.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleJanuary 01, 2020
For our New Year’s Day episode of "Inside the Vatican," the hosts look back at some of the biggest Vatican stories of 2019.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleDecember 25, 2019
On this week’s episode of “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts talk about why the pope chose this theme for his speech, who he spoke to, and how these Christmas addresses fit into the pope’s larger effort to reform the Roman curia.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleDecember 18, 2019
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts explain what information will now be available about these cases.
Faith Explainer
Colleen DulleDecember 12, 2019
What is Peter's Pence and how is it used?
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleDecember 11, 2019
On "Inside the Vatican," the hosts talk about what Cardinal Tagle will bring to his new position.
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleDecember 04, 2019
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” the hosts recap the pope’s visit to Thailand and Japan, which Rome Correspondent Gerard O'Connell believes was “one for the history books.”
Faith Podcasts
Colleen DulleNovember 13, 2019
On "Inside the Vatican," the hosts explore the political and social implications of Francis’ highly anticipated address against nuclear weapons in Nagasaki.