The Rev. Andrew M. Greeley, seated left, talks with fellow speakers following a symposium on "New Horizons in Catholic Thought" in 1962.
Vantage Point
Andrew M. GreeleyJune 20, 2013
A classic article on the next generation of priests from the Rev. Andrew M. Greeley.
Andrew M. GreeleyMay 31, 2013
Selected essays spanning 50 years from the priest and author
Andrew M. GreeleyNovember 03, 2008
The grace-filled fiction of Jon Hassler
Faith in Focus
Andrew M. GreeleyAugust 13, 2007
Everyone seems interested these days in defining Catholic identity—movements and Movements, R.C.I.A. and Neocatechumenate, liturgists and “religious” educators, curial vigilantes and the rear-guard of “social actionists.” No one wonders how the Catholic laity define the
Andrew M. GreeleyJuly 16, 2007
The Irish haven't lost their faith, just their willingness to bow to church authority.
Andrew M. GreeleyJanuary 01, 2007

The situation in which a priest who writes lives has changed drastically since I wrote my first article for America in the 1950’s (“A Road Show for Cana”). My pastor at the time reprimanded me for writing, because his monsignorial friends had criticized him for permitting it.

Arts & Culture Books
Andrew M. GreeleyApril 10, 2006
One of my strongest primal memories is of the Knights of Columbus As far back as I can remember they were as present and as taken-for-granted as the Austin Boulevard Bus the Lake Street L and Pedersen rsquo s Ice Cream Store Commodore Barry Council of which my father was a member and once Grand
Arts & Culture Books
Andrew M. GreeleyFebruary 13, 2006
Graham Greene has had a difficult time winning the title of ldquo Catholic Novelist rdquo mdash one that he never wanted anyway At the beginning of his career he was dismissed as a man who wrote about bad Catholics mdash the whiskey priest The Power and the Glory Sarah The End of the Affair
Arts & Culture Books
Andrew M. GreeleyJuly 04, 2005
The argument of Over the Edge is spelled out clearly in the subtitle the media film television computer games driven by advertisers fixated on the importance of an audience of youthful consumers has changed and corrupted American culture In pushing the limits to attract the younger generatio
Andrew M. GreeleyApril 04, 2005
Barbara Hall, the creator and executive producer of the CBS television series “Joan of Arcadia,” may have a wider audience than any contemporary American theologian. Most theologians don’t talk about God any more. Sex, race, gender, politics, secularity or whatever are more importa