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A composite photo of Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman and Jordan Peterson
Arts & Culture Ideas
April 08, 2024
​After B-list careers in their primary professions, these men have found their callings in the earbuds of the young.
Faith Features
November 16, 2023
Can we learn to see gender in its real complexity?
Faith Features
April 21, 2022
Catholics, that is to say, have not necessarily been praying the Our Father wrongly, but too often we have not been praying it fully, either. While we are busy trying to get it right, we neglect to make it our own and discover its vast permutations.
Politics & Society Short Take
January 17, 2022
Now is an opportune time to do the right thing—to defund the police and invest in a diversified strategy for public safety and well-being.
Politics & Society Short Take
January 04, 2022
My neighbors lost homes because our political and economic institutions have failed to respond to a crisis they have long known was coming.
Jonathan Roumie, right, plays Jesus in ‘The Chosen’ (photo: Angel Studios).
Arts & Culture Television
August 13, 2021
Jonathan Roumie’s Jesus has fearsome power to open the Scriptures to us and the women and men who follow him are people in whom we can find traces of ourselves. It helps me love the Lord like I never have before.
Politics & Society Short Take
March 30, 2021
This latest phase of capitalism has a feeling of déjà vu from its first stage—except rather than speculating on colonial land-grabs and the bodies of slaves, NFTs are making commodities of famous people and GIFs.
Politics & Society What Coronavirus Taught Us
February 15, 2021
Online Mass has connected us to a wider church, but it will not replace our local parish.
Politics & Society Features
January 25, 2021
After all the hope I and others felt as the story of 2011 swept across the world, the accounting of the decade since leans mightily toward disaster.
Politics & Society Short Take
January 08, 2021
It is worth remembering that occupying a legislature can be an act of democracy. We in the United States might need to do it again.