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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders walks to his car after speaking to reporters on March 11 in Burlington, Vt. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Robert David Sullivan March 11, 2020
Joe Biden’s victory in the Michigan primary is raising hopes he can rebuild the “blue wall,” but Robert David Sullivan writes that a Democratic coalition may not be easy to assemble this fall.
Supporters gather outside before a rally for President Donald Trump at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Friday, Feb, 21, 2020. (Dylan Stewart/Image of Sport via AP)
J.D. Long-García March 10, 2020
About one-fourth of U.S. Latino voters strongly support President Trump. The positive direction of the economy is a major reason for their approval, writes J.D. Long-García.
Though 52% of Catholic voters cast ballots for Trump in the 2016 presidential election, the majority of Latino Catholics overwhelmingly voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
The Editors March 05, 2020
The coronavirus poses a threat that knows no borders. As Catholics, neither does our love and concern for our neighbors.
Mary Clare Fichtner, O.P., (far left) is joined by Springfield Dominican Anti-Racism Team members (left to right) Richard Bowen, Howard Derrick and Valeria Cueto. Photo courtesy of Springfield Dominicans.
The Dominican sisters are motivated by a recognition that the blinding racism that allowed nuns to buy and sell human beings in the past could blind them to their own complicity in racist structure today.
Daniel Ortega flanks Pope John Paul II who wags his finger at culture minister and priest Ernesto Cardenal, during welcoming ceremonies at the airport in Managua, Nicaragua, in March 1983. (AP Photo/Barricada, File)
Robert Ellsberg March 04, 2020
Thomas Merton wrote an introduction to a lyrical book of reflections by Cardenal, Vida en Amor: “In a time of conflict, anxiety, war, cruelty, and confusion, the reader may be surprised that this book is a hymn in praise of love, telling us that ‘all things love one another.’”