Student Poetry

Ryan Pickney June 28, 2018
There comes a day When you realize That some people are temporary.
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Divya Chhotani December 01, 2017
The angry shards of crimson, roaring through the tube/ Running through the fields of gentle greens and sprinkled/
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Robin Happel December 01, 2017
My god is patient. She curls like ivy around a crumbling world,/ And howls in the stillness of the night, the silent spaces no ritual can fill.
Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf October 06, 2017
hearing and feeling are technically the same thing so when we talk on the phone i can pretend it’s as good as touching you
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Emma Winters October 06, 2017
Contentment is a wet chest in December
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Emily Baker September 01, 2017

Numbers just don't stick on me the way words do

I see numbers and I freeze up

My eyes widen

My chest tightens and my heart races

My breath catches

I feel small, stupid

But I just don’t understand them

I am immune