Anita's Tortilleria, a restaurant and gas station on the south side of Fremont, Neb., is one sign of the growing diversity in many American small towns. (Nathan Beacom)
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Nathan Beacom
As rural America becomes more diverse, it faces many of the problems associated with big cities, writes Nathan Beacom. The urban-rural divide in our politics does not reflect reality.
In the Ohio and Upper Mississippi river basins, 10 million metric tons of commercial fertilizer is applied each year, and much of it ends up in our waterways. (iStock/filmfoto)
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Nathan Beacom
In “Laudato Si’,” Pope Francis called drinkable water a human right. But as Nathan Beacom writes, our methods of farming and raising livestock are degrading our soil and polluting our waterways.
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Rhina Guidos - Catholic News Service
The needs of Native Americans during the pandemic are of special concern and humanitarian agencies such as Doctors Without Borders are alerting everyone to that fact.
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Jason Berry
Ernest Gaines wrote a number of classic novels, including "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman."
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Mark Pattison - Catholic News Service
Few people might have noticed it, but Network, a Catholic social justice lobby, conducted a series of rural roundtables in 2018 and 2019 to take the pulse of Americans living in the heartland.
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The Editors
Taking away access to minor-league baseball for many Americans is against our national interest and our longstanding culture.