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Leslie Woodcock Tentler
In 'The 272: The Families Who Were Enslaved and Sold to Build the American Catholic Church,' Rachel Swarns tells of “one of the largest documented slave sales in the nation," the Jesuit sale of 272 enslaved persons in 1838.
Politics & SocietyNews
J.D. Long-García
The sale of 272 enslaved persons by the Jesuits in 1838 helped provide financing for the struggling Georgetown University.
FaithFaith and Reason
John P. SlatteryJuan V. Fernández de la Gala
Was Teilhard de Chardin a promoter of eugenics? Two scholars debate the question.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Dwayne David Paul
Thoughtfully administered affirmative action, as endorsed by the U.S. bishops decades ago, is an incontrovertible part of our shared task to fight racism and promote equal opportunity.
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
James T. Keane
James Baldwin's novels and essays loomed large in the 1950s and 1960s, but they have fallen out of favor with teachers in many literature courses. Is it time for a revival of his works?
Shannen Dee Williams
A response by a historian to America's recent coverage of the path to completion by the Sisters of Charity of New York notes shock and disappointment at the lack of reckoning with the impact of the longstanding anti-Black and anti-brown admissions policies and practices that most European and white American congregations employed.