Joe Hoover, S.J. May 31, 2019
Entrants to this year’s contest included poems about human trafficking, the Mueller Report, priestly abuse and screen addiction.
Peter Bethanis May 17, 2019
I know your ghost still drifts like a dirty angel through this town.
Jessica Powers April 05, 2019
A poem by Jessica Powers from The Second “America” Book of Verse, a collection of the best of America poetry, 1930 to 1955.
And reading poetry, like the books in our 2018 poetry review, can be a great way to not make perfect sense of a thing, but to just be with a thing.
Taylor D'Amico October 09, 2018
I woke with Lycidas on my tongue, and I should have known.
Sarah Law October 09, 2018
her wrists are shackled, / her head’s in her hand.