Taylor D'Amico October 09, 2018
I woke with Lycidas on my tongue, and I should have known.
Sarah Law October 09, 2018
her wrists are shackled, / her head’s in her hand.
Carolyn Oliver August 09, 2018
Her joy lashed me. I felt my every edge whittled.
Richard Lewis May 29, 2018
I know not to tell you that one day you’ll be better, so instead I tell you this:
Joseph J. Feeney January 24, 2018
This study offers insights into Gerard Manley Hopkins, his view of the world, his mind, his interests and his relationship with God.
Terrance Klein August 09, 2017
The true storms of life demand such a discipleship of us, an absolute surrender, which mirrors that of the Virgin Mary herself.