Arts & Culture Poetry
Judith ValenteJune 26, 2017
Gwendolyn Brooks' poetry presented readers with a look into the life of African-Americans.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Nick Ripatrazone June 24, 2017
'I saw the Catholic Church from the inside, like a tauntaun.'
Arts & Culture Poetry
Renny GoldenJune 07, 2017
The boy named Wolf bursts from the kiva / into a blaze of sun; men’s ankle shells rattle.
The 2017 winner of the Foley Poetry Contest is "Rio Grande (South)" by John Poch. Photo: Bob Palin.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Joseph P. HooverMay 31, 2017
Br. Joseph Hoover, S.J. reflects on this year's Foley Poetry Contest.
Rio Grande. Source: Asaavedra32
Arts & Culture Poetry
John PochMay 31, 2017
The editors of America are pleased to present the winner of the 2017 Foley Poetry Award.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Amit MajmudarMay 17, 2017
"Starknowing. He places his hand in hers,/ but she doesn’t recognize it. What was love once/ is beyond forgotten now, is never having known"