Faith The Good Word
Terrance KleinAugust 09, 2017
The true storms of life demand such a discipleship of us, an absolute surrender, which mirrors that of the Virgin Mary herself.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Nadine SantoroAugust 04, 2017
I met Judas at a roof party in late October. The Ghost had warned me about the devil in the form of a man too charming to deny.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Karleigh LopezAugust 04, 2017
I have the many and bright letters of my first and middle name Irish enough to outweigh the heaviness of the thick and rich Hispanic last name I carry slumped over my golden shoulders.
Photo by Aphex82
Arts & Culture Poetry
William O'LearyJuly 20, 2017
For the brackish water, and electricity / That charge our thoughts and spines.
Arts & Culture Poetry

Only the next day could
The mystery begin,
Its shocking fount of sparks
In darkness now a memory,
And the cooled cylinder
Drowsing on the charred smear
Of driveway. To approach
In the abandoned silence
And lift it up—which has,

Arts & Culture Poetry
Roger JohnsonJuly 13, 2017

They line the road, the valley side,
Back lit and dark as Satan’s horn.
Their roots descend through rock and bone
To Purgatory. Their points appear
To pierce an isolated cloud.