Our readers February 23, 2018
I am a former longtime Democrat of more than 30 years and very reluctantly registered as a Republican several years ago primarily because of the party’s support for laws to protect the innocent unborn from the violence of legal abortion.
Our readers February 09, 2018
This is an excellent editorial, bringing the findings of a well-constructed study into the social justice discussion.
Our readers January 26, 2018
I am so glad that the views of Catholic women are finally being studied! We cannot move forward without understanding where we are.
Our readers January 16, 2018
Pro-choicers are puzzled by pro-lifers’ favoring cuts in government services to pregnant women in financial need.
Our readers December 29, 2017
There is no one “Catholic” way to address immigration issues.
Our readers December 15, 2017
I agree that the Catholic Church’s handling of its sex abuse scandal offers powerful lessons to other institutions.