In at least three Latin American countries, Catholics have become religious minorities. 
Antonio De Loera-Brust March 29, 2018
Including a question about citizenship status on the 2020 census will have a chilling effect on Latino participation, and that seems to be the whole point.
Robert David Sullivan March 22, 2018
Surveys suggest that younger Americans are turning away from religion, but they may not have been properly introduced to the church in the first place.
(AP Photo/Matthew J. Sroka)
Robert David Sullivan July 12, 2017
A record low moving rate may be worsening inequality in the United States.
Leah Libresco February 01, 2017
Diversity brings opportunity, but leaky roofs and aging priests bring challenges to American parishes.
The percentage of pregnancies ending in abortion is down to 18.8 percent, a decline of nearly two-fifths below is 1983 peak of 30.3 percent.