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Katie Scott - Catholic News Service
Vaccines for children are now getting attention — with questions about when will they be available, if they are necessary to end the pandemic and if Catholic parents should inoculate their children.
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Kevin Clarke
The speed and virulence of the Covid-19 outbreak in India have been among its most shocking aspects. Could an outbreak as ferocious happen somewhere else?
A man prepares for his AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine at Ndirande Health Centre in Blantyre, Malawi on March 29. (AP Photo/Thoko Chikondi, File)
Tawanda Karombo
Poverty is profound around with “hungry people...knocking at the parish gates” on a daily basis because of Covid-19.
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Carol Zimmermann - Catholic News Service
As Catholic colleges grapple with how to reopen in the fall, many are already saying they will require their students to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and some schools are also mandating that staff members be vaccinated.
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Robert David Sullivan
About two-thirds of white U.S. Catholics are accepting of the Covid vaccine—a higher rate than any religious group other than Jews. But it is unclear whether the high vaccination rate is a matter of faith or of demographics.
Exhausted workers, who bring dead bodies for cremation, sit on the rear step of an ambulance inside a crematorium, in New Delhi, India, on April 24. Delhi has been cremating so many bodies of coronavirus victims that authorities are getting requests to start cutting down trees in city parks, as a second record surge has brought India's tattered healthcare system to its knees. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)
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Kevin Clarke
In one diocese nine priests and two women religious have been lost to Covid-19 just in April. The deceased clergy include four Jesuits.