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October 8, 2012

Vol.207 / No.9
John W. O’MalleyOctober 08, 2012

The diaries of Yves Congar, the single most important theologian of Vatican II.

Signs Of the Times

A new study notes an uptick on social intolerance and government restrictions on religion around the world and in the United States between 2009 and mid-2010.

Margaret SilfOctober 08, 2012

This is the kind of loving that expects no payback, but is willing to be spent.

Uno de los acontecimientos más significativos de la historia cristiana del siglo XX, fue, sin lugar a duda, la celebración de un Concilio Ecuménico. Llamarlo simplemente “el Concilio Vaticano II” no es suficiente. La razón total, complexiva fue que se tratase de un “verdadero Concilio

Charles R. GallagherOctober 08, 2012

The revolution in Catholic teaching on the Jews

Signs Of the Times

About 3,000 students at Fordham University cheered as the comedian Stephen Colbert joined Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York and James Martin, S.J., in a discussion of faith, humor and spirituality.

Michael J. WalshOctober 08, 2012

Why the gifts of Vatican II are still needed today