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February 13, 2012

Vol.206 / No.4
Suzanne WielgosFebruary 13, 2012

Corita Kent called people to the simplicity of the Gospel through her revolutionary art.

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJFebruary 13, 2012

Six stupid things that I never want to do again

February 13, 2012

The 28 states requiring that contraception coverage be included in prescription drug plans are: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mex

Signs Of the Times

Seventy-nine percent of respondents said they would not allow abortion after the first trimester.

Thomas J. MassaroFebruary 13, 2012

My predictions of failure have proved wrong on all counts.

James F. KeenanFebruary 13, 2012

One family's harrowing journey through the U.S. health care system

Signs Of the Times

Prison chaplain Robert Coogan accused Mexican security forces of committing sacrilege after they tore apart his chapel during a raid on Jan. 24.