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March 29, 2010

Vol.202 / No.10
Signs Of the Times
March 29, 2010

Continuing settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem presents a profound obstacle to reviving the Middle East peace process.

Current Comment
The EditorsMarch 29, 2010

Murdered Journalists; Women and the Hierarchy; The Mind of Tony Judt

Louis TemplemanMarch 29, 2010

He has not much time, maybe minutes.

Signs Of the Times
March 29, 2010

A priest who has spent three years behind bars for pro-democracy efforts was released from prison on March 15, his sister, above, said.

Andrew J. BacevichMarch 29, 2010

Our guiding illusions in Afghanistan


NBC's “Parenthood” offers flashes of pure joy that make its moments of banality worthwhile.

The Word
Barbara E. ReidMarch 29, 2010

Easter Sunday (C), April 4, 2010