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October 6, 2008

Vol.199 / No.10
The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonOctober 06, 2008

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A), Oct. 12, 2008

October 06, 2008

Time for a Boycott Regarding your editorial on the situation in India (“Persecution in Orissa,” 9/22): it seems to me that much of the impetus for the growing religious intolerance in India stems from the booming economic strength of India that has empowered ethnic and religious majoriti

William A. BarryOctober 06, 2008

Kathleen Norris' 'Acedia & Me,' reviewed


Church Officials Charge: Conspiracy Behind Violence Church officials and others say there is a “clear conspiracy behind the sudden upsurge in the atrocities committed against Christian targets in different parts of India.” “We are really distressed to see that atrocities on Christi

Paul J. FitzgeraldOctober 06, 2008

Richard P. McBrien's 'The Church,' reviewed

Of Many Things
Patricia A. KossmannOctober 06, 2008

Another fall publishing season is upon us.