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March 31, 2008

Vol.198 / No.11
The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonMarch 31, 2008

The Fourth Sunday in the Easter season is Good Shepherd Sunday with the Gospel reading taken from part of Jesus Good Shepherd discourse in John 10 While most of us in 21st-century America have little or no personal exposure to sheep and shepherds the biblical imagery is easy enough to understand


Founder of Focolare Movement Dies at 88 Chiara Lubich, the 88-year-old founder and perpetually smiling symbol of the Focolare movement, died early March 14 after what Pope Benedict XVI said was “a long and fruitful life” marked by her love for Jesus. Lubich died in her room near the Foc

Current Comment
The EditorsMarch 31, 2008

The Trillion-Dollar War From the beginning, the Bush administration has refused to give an accurate and responsible reckoning of the costs of the Iraq war. From underestimating budgets to requesting funding through special supplemental appropriations, to cutting taxes for the wealthy that resulted i

Faith in Focus
Kevin J. BarryMarch 31, 2008

A father's reflections on his battle with cancer

Tales of ultimate disaster caused by global warming fill today’s media, alongside accounts of impressive new technologies for clean, green, carbon-free, earth-saving energy. New energy corporations are drawing investment capital in steady streams, hoping for a portion of the financial bonanza

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonMarch 31, 2008

The word paschal pertains to the Jewish feast of Passover when the Exodus as the path from slavery to freedom is celebrated and the Passover lamb is slain and eaten Christians use the term paschal mystery to refer to Jesus death and resurrection at Passover time and its saving significance for us