Wil Lepkowski
Each invention and new research into technological possibilities has its own story and we can now add to the best of them the latest and probably most compelling one of our time It is told in the book The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner a history of the Bell Telephone Laboratories mdash or Bell Labs
Wil Lepkowski
Anyone with a desire to preserve our planet has no choice but to see Chasing Ice, the gorgeous, inventive documentary released last month. As of this writing it has been shown to selected audiences but has yet to reach the popularity of a film like “An Inconvenient Truth.” Give it time,
Richard J. GreenWil Lepkowski
Tales of ultimate disaster caused by global warming fill today’s media, alongside accounts of impressive new technologies for clean, green, carbon-free, earth-saving energy. New energy corporations are drawing investment capital in steady streams, hoping for a portion of the financial bonanza