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March 17, 2008

Vol.198 / No.9
William J. CollingeMarch 17, 2008

Ghislain Lafont is a Benedictine monk of la Pierre-qui-Vire in France and formerly professor of theology at the Ateneo Sant 8217 Anselmo in Rome Born in 1928 he has had a long theological career in Europe but has received little attention in the United States A Theological Journey Promenade en

James Martin, SJMarch 17, 2008

One challenge for readers of Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light, the collection of Blessed Teresa of Calcuttas letters, is to distinguish among the terms darkness, dryness, desolation, doubt, disbelief, depression and despair - the seven Ds.

Of Many Things
Joseph A. OHareMarch 17, 2008

Preparing for the pope's visit

March 17, 2008

Further Questions Thank you for Gerard F. Powerss Our Moral Duty in Iraq (2/18). It would be worthwhile for leaders of our country and our military first to reconcile with those people whose loved ones we violated. This would, Ihope, lead to some real discussion about Iraqi autonomy over its resourc

Patrick J. BrennanMarch 17, 2008

Thomas P Sweetser S J has written a readable helpful follow-up to his The Parish as Covenant Keeping the Covenant Taking Parish to the Next Level builds on his foundational theology and spirituality of parish as articulated in the previous book but adds to that vision many new practical ste

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonMarch 17, 2008

For Christians Easter Sunday is the most important day on the calendar We believe that the resurrection of Jesus has changed everything The special Easter word is Hallelujah from two Hebrew words that mean Praise the Lord and it expresses the joy and happiness we should feel even if we are un