Of Many Things
Joseph A. OHareMarch 17, 2008
Preparing for the pope's visit
Faith in Focus
Joseph A. OHareNovember 26, 2007
An Advent reflection
Joseph A. OHareMay 07, 2007
In the decades leading up to the publication of Ex Corde Ecclesiae in 1990, the Land O’Lakes statement was routinely denounced by critics like the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and the late George Kelly (The Battle for the American Church) as a surrender of the historic mission of Catholic c
Joseph A. OHareAugust 16, 2004
In this richly documented and thoroughly engaging memoir Joseph A Califano Jr recalls his years in Washington as a member of several administrations and as a partner in a powerful law firm From this vantage point Califano observed and participated in the national crises and unsettling cultural c