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May 22, 2006

Vol.194 / No.18
The EditorsMay 22, 2006

Mother Nature’s fury, as we have experienced in our own nation in the aftermath of hurricanes and tornadoes, devastates communities. But Mother Nature’s worst pales when compared to the disasters created by man’s furyand folly. A hurricane of hatred has created in Darfur a human-ma

Faith in Focus
John J. McLainMay 22, 2006

I hurriedly vest for Mass, fingers fumbling over the unfamiliar cincture. I pick up the books of hymns and prayers and scurry out of the sacristy, moving through the ancient stone church and the outer chapel. Pausing to genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament at a side altar to Our Lady, I shiver eve

John A. ColemanMay 22, 2006

I cannot sufficiently praise and recommend American Mythos In its supple mining of data and its perspicacity about American culture and institutions it ranks with Robert Bellah rsquo s Habits of the Heart and Robert Putnam rsquo s Bowling Alone as ground-breaking interpretative social science I s

When Joseph Ratzinger chose Benedict XVI as his papal name, commentators quickly and correctly pointed out its significance. And in the year since his election, the new pope’s actions have borne out many of those expectations. His warm meeting and dinner last September with Hans Küng—th

Of Many Things

It was the beginning of the fall academic term in 1974. I was meeting for a reading course with my doctoral adviser, Margaret Farley, R.S.M. At the end of the session, she said to me, “Bill Coffin has been meeting with the undergraduates about world hunger. I think you ought to go down to Dwig

James Martin, SJMay 22, 2006

I had a big decision to make when I was 12: French or Spanish? Our junior high school language program began in the seventh grade, and the idea was that students would continue with one language until senior year in high school, leaving them if not completely fluent then at least able to move easily


Catholic Leaders Urge Calm in East TimorCatholic Church leaders in East Timor have called for calm as troops continue to patrol the tense streets of Dili in the wake of a riot by hundreds of dismissed soldiers and about 1,000 of their supporters. Army protesters and their sympathizers took to the st