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January 16, 2006

Vol.194 / No.2
The EditorsJanuary 16, 2006

Before the passage, on Nov. 15, of the new document from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on lay ecclesial ministry, there was debate in the bishops’ meetings over whether the term ministry should be used to refer to laypersons working on behalf of the church. The debate endeddramatical

Gerald T. CobbJanuary 16, 2006

This year rsquo s hurricanes floods and earthquakes produced such unforgettable apocalyptic scenes of devastation that they may well have altered at least temporarily the imaginative context within which we read Wendell Berry rsquo s new collection of poems many of which celebrate the serene n

Gerald J. BeyerJanuary 16, 2006

Last August marked the 25th anniversary of the birth of the Polish nonviolent revolution known as Solidarity. On the morning of Aug. 14, 1980, a strike in the Gdansk shipyard began what eventually caused the demise of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe. The whole world watched as ordinary peopl

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonJanuary 16, 2006

The central character in Mark rsquo s Gospel is Jesus of Nazareth who is identified as the Son of God both at the outset 1 1 and at the moment of his death 15 39 In between Mark presents Jesus as a miracle worker who heals the sick frees individuals from demonic possession and manifests powe


Communist Restrictions Remain, Say CzechsThe Czech Republic bishops’ conference said it could seek international arbitration against a new religious law imposing Communist-style restrictions on church activities. We can’t understand why the state wishes to tie the church down with these

Robert F. WalchJanuary 16, 2006

In an utterly captivating piece of historical fiction Julie Baumgold has crafted a multifaceted gem of a novel that chronicles the history of the R gent diamond the central piece of the precious stone collection of the French throne Spirited out of India in 1702 by Robert Pitt the son of Thomas

Steven A. SchoenigJanuary 16, 2006

On the bright morning of April 24, in a packed St. Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI solemnly inaugurated his ministry as universal shepherd in a ceremony filled with symbolic gestures. For hundreds of years, the centerpiece of papal installations had been a coronation, in which the pope was c