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Gerald T. CobbOctober 25, 2017
“It was no great surprise that Lowell threw himself into Catholicism and took his Catholicism to a psychotic extreme.”
Gerald T. CobbMay 06, 2015
'Lila,' by Marilynne Robinson
Gerald T. CobbMay 28, 2012
Amber Dermont has written the great American novels--plural.
Gerald T. CobbApril 09, 2012
Youthful emotions recalled in the relative tranquility of adulthood.
Gerald T. CobbMay 02, 2011
Jose Saramago takes delight in pointing out religious duplicity and delusion.
Gerald T. CobbFebruary 14, 2011
An post-apocalyptic novel from James Kunstler marvels at humanity's ability to survive and adapt.
Gerald T. CobbApril 12, 2010
T.C. Boyles newest collection of short stories in one way or another feature lost or threatened souls.
Gerald T. CobbFebruary 22, 2010
'Let the Great World Spin' is one of the more artful works of fiction to appear in the past 10 years.
Gerald T. CobbNovember 24, 2008
The Portugese writer Jos eacute Saramago received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1998 in part for novelistic fables that powerfully critique social institutions and human failings Now 86 years old Saramago has based his latest novel Death With Interruptions on the extraordinary premise that
Gerald T. CobbSeptember 29, 2008
James Howard Kunstler rsquo s novel begins in the pastoral setting of a riverbank where the narrator Robert Earle and his best friend Loren Holder have concluded a successful fishing excursion Although they are slightly intoxicated by the natural beauty around them and by some home-made wine th