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October 10, 2005

Vol.193 / No.10
John A. ColemanOctober 10, 2005

Has the pluribus in the vaunted boast begun to submerge even eradicate the unum America has become Robert Wuthnow the director of Princeton University rsquo s Center for the Study of American Religion argues in this new book a more religiously diverse nation Buddhist and Hindu temples and Mo

G. Jefferson Price, IIIOctober 10, 2005

Andrew S. Natsios, administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development, sent a shudder through the room at a food aid conference in Kansas City, Mo., in May when he said that food aid to the survivors of disasters is a higher priority than aid for development programs. Two-thirds to thre

The EditorsOctober 10, 2005

As the U.S. Senate began its confirmation debate on President Bush’s nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. for chief justice of the Supreme Court, the outcome of that debate seemed assured: Judge Roberts would be confirmed as the nation’s 17th chief justice with overwhelming approval b

October 10, 2005

Church and War

The article by Robert F. Drinan, S.J., Holy See Backs Nuclear Disarmament (9/12), is excellent. We need more articles on this issue and on the church’s positions on war in general. A substantial number of Catholics in the United States think that the church supports

Jay P. DolanOctober 10, 2005

Most Irish Americans have the impression that the history of Irish America began in the 19th century when over three million Irish mostly Catholic emigrated to the United States That is false This history began in the 18th century when thousands of Irish mostly Protestant emigrated to Britis

Robert E. KennedyOctober 10, 2005

We can define ritual as a re-enactment of a previous event, in some cases a traumatic one, within the safety of sympathetic relationships. Its objective is not to repeat the trauma, but to bring resolution to it. Taking part in a ritual can evoke the deepest human experience of joy, grief or pain as

The Word
Dianne BergantOctober 10, 2005

The Gospels often depict Jesus in conflict with those who are in positions of leadership both religious and political A close look will show that Jesus does not challenge legitimate authority but only the way individuals exercise it In an upcoming episode he counsels those around him to heed th