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March 21, 2005

Vol.192 / No.10
The EditorsMarch 21, 2005

Crippling debt burdens accumulated over the past several decades still weigh heavily on many of the world’s poorest countries. As they struggle to repay what they owe to rich countries and financial institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, they find themselves with

Valerie SchultzMarch 21, 2005

The angel girls were ready on Easter morning. Their feathered wings were attached, their wreaths securely bobby-pinned to their braided heads, their pastel ribbons around their waists. The nine of them had practiced for this Mass for many hours; they had become an earthly corps of angels. They await

Gerald T. CobbMarch 21, 2005

When Wendell Berry came to Seattle to read from his new novel Hannah Coulter he was introduced with the words ldquo For those of you who wonder where hope still lies rdquo The audience responded with rapt silence as if to say ldquo Yes we are eager for hope rdquo Berry rsquo s novel d

Leo J. ODonovanMarch 21, 2005

There was a time in the American theater when ordinary people could collect quarters in a cup and, after some weeks, buy a ticket for a Broadway show. It was the decade after World War II, the cataclysm that put horror and hope on a seemingly equal footing. But American idealism had triumphed, or so


Catholic Family Wants Justice, Not Death, for Murderers Involving I.R.A.A Catholic family’s campaign for justice has put increasing pressure on the Irish nationalist party, Sinn Fein, and its military wing, the outlawed Irish Republican Army.Robert McCartney, 33, a forklift driver from the sma

Jens SoeringMarch 21, 2005

Overseas, the war in Iraq has exposed the limits of American military might at an enormous and still-growing cost to taxpayers. At home, meanwhile, this nation’s three-decades-long preference for hiding away social problems behind penitentiary walls has produced the ironic result that the land

The Word
Dianne BergantMarch 21, 2005

Generation after generation the Christian community re-examines its teaching regarding the resurrection of Jesus Carefully developed explanations continue to clarify the most minute details of this doctrine Many of us are so familiar with these details that we may have ceased to be amazed at thei