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September 29, 2003

Vol.189 / No.9
The EditorsSeptember 29, 2003

There is a sense of relief in Boston, and in the rest of the country as well, now that the Archdiocese of Boston has finally settled the suits filed against it by the victims of sexual abuse. For 19 months, Boston has unfairly been perceived by many people as paradigmatic of the American church

Richard A. BlakeSeptember 29, 2003

Given the choice between dental surgery without anesthetic and The Magdalene Sisters, call your dentist for an appointment immediately. In either case, pain may be salutary in the long run. The film raises too many important issues to be dismissed as just another skirmish in the vast anti-Catholic c

Thomas P. RauschSeptember 29, 2003

One unanticipated effect of the sexual abuse scandal that has been convulsing the Catholic Church in the United States is a growing realization on the part of the laity of how little real say they have in the government of their church. This was first brought home when many who were aware of situati

The Word
Dianne BergantSeptember 29, 2003

It is not good for the man to be alone rdquo writes the author of Genesis Nor is it good for the woman or the child Our fundamental human need to bond with another is beyond question We are told that newborns can die if they do not experience human touch And even if they do not die they may b

Katherine SchneiderSeptember 29, 2003

It happened one too many times. My Seeing Eye dog and I went to church and heard another totally uninspiring homily about John 9, the story of the man born blind. It contained the usual elements: “I knew a blind person who was amazing (climbed Mount Everest, was cheerful all the time); wouldn&


Pope, Physically Fading, Crisscrosses Slovakia On a trip that taxed his fading physical powers, Pope John Paul II crisscrossed Slovakia to celebrate liturgies, beatify two 20th-century martyrs and offer people inside and outside the church a message of hope. But he had trouble delivering that messag

Our readersSeptember 29, 2003

Direct Involvement

After reading Terry Golway’s No Questions, Please (8/18), I made an effort to get as close as I could possibly get on a personal basis (for someone that has no direct involvement) to what goes on in Iraq. I did this by reflecting on a house that one passes on