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September 29, 2003

Vol.189 / No.9
Thomas R. MurphySeptember 29, 2003

So far the 21st century has witnessed a remarkable resurgence of anti-American feeling around the world Despite a brief burst of sympathy for the United States immediately after Sept 11 2001 alarm about American conduct has increased markedly abroad It is a mistake to attribute this apprehensi

Richard A. McGowanSeptember 29, 2003

William Bennett’s gambling habits and million-dollar losses initiated a short-lived national discussion of the morality of gambling and its addictive character. Gambling is a form of entertainment that involves some dangers, but most gamblers can enjoy the activity without developing an addict

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonSeptember 29, 2003

Walking south through Manhattan from America House on weekdays—this remains my preferred way of getting home. But on days when the weather does not lend itself to walking, I take the subway. The F train is only a short distance from our front door, and on boarding I generally see a majority of

Faith in Focus
George M. AndersonSeptember 29, 2003

Art plays a key role in America, from the cover itself to the illustrations on the inside. My awareness of this role was heightened during a recent visit to Abraham House, an organization in the Bronx that assists prisoners with their reintegration into the community. At the same time, it provides a

John F. KavanaughSeptember 29, 2003

Recently I presented a short reflection on academic integrity to some faculty members at Saint Louis University. One of the reasons I was asked to do this may have been my efforts to encourage all teachers of core curriculum courses to spend some time, possibly even a whole class session, on the pro

Stephen J. PopeSeptember 29, 2003

Aidan Nichols presents a brief accessible and clear introduction to the theology of St Thomas Aquinas The prior of Blackfriars in Cambridge England Nichols communicates the sweep and texture of St Thomas rsquo s thought in a remarkably direct and simple but not simplistic manner He follows

Nancy SmallSeptember 29, 2003

Twenty years ago, the Doomsday Clock, a well-known barometer of how close the world was to nuclear holocaust, stood at three minutes before the fateful midnight hour. The nuclear arms race was in full force. The fear of nuclear war was palpable. We held our collective breath and prayed mightily that