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July 21, 2003

Vol.189 / No.2
The EditorsJuly 21, 2003

Most public schools make their facilities available after school hours to a wide variety of private nonprofit organizations, including religious organizations. Some states, however, including New York, absolutely forbid public schools to allow religious worship—even after regular school hours

Timothy GeigerJuly 21, 2003

Almost three years gone down the back roads of Ohio

Thomas R. MurphyJuly 21, 2003

This study seeks to synchronize intellectual developments in American Catholicism with parallel events abroad and to examine how an international conversation among Catholic thinkers sought to influence the church rsquo s dialogue with the modern Western world Most importantly John McGreevy stress

William C. SpohnJuly 21, 2003

A large financial-services firm in Boston was interviewing a senior from a Jesuit university a few years ago for a position on a team to work on international business deals. The recruiters, who were in their 20’s and early 30’s, told the student that while the work was challenging and d

The Word
Dianne BergantJuly 21, 2003

Last Sunday we were provided examples of how the hungry are given the food they need through the service of the community This Sunday we look a bit closer at the bread itself The first reading and the Gospel identify it as ldquo bread from heaven rdquo We know that it does not really come down

Patricia McCannJuly 21, 2003

The lives of religious women were dramatically changed in the second half of the 20th century by several new factors: the call to renewal within religious communities from the Second Vatican Council, heightened awareness of the ecclesiological divides in the post-Vatican II church, increased feminis


Capuchin Friar Brings Renewed Sense of Hope to Boston ChurchA man in the simple brown robes and sandals of a Capuchin friar brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope to the embattled Catholic Archdiocese of Boston in early July, weeks before his formal installation as archbishop of Boston. Arch