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January 20, 2003

Vol.188 / No.2
Maryann Cusimano LoveJanuary 20, 2003

Will military force work to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction? The Bush administration’s National Security Strategy issued last fall states that the United States will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to destroy threats abroad before they reach U.S. borders. In the docu

Michael BisesiJanuary 20, 2003

What are public issues What organizations are best prepared to address them Do we have a welfare problem or a poverty problem Is education a concern because of failing schools or failing social equity These important questions have become increasingly perplexing especially if we consider the cen

Thomas J. McCarthyJanuary 20, 2003

For a lifelong member of a large institution, at what point does a stance of healthy dissent toward that institution become a full-fledged breach? For a dozen years or so I’ve lived in a state of tension with the two most elemental institutions in my upbringing, the church and the state. My ex

The Word
Dianne BergantJanuary 20, 2003

God seems to choose the most unlikely people to proclaim the good news a prophet who tried to escape his call and was carried to his ministry in the belly of a large fish simple fishermen who knew a lot about bait and nets but little about preaching a tent-maker who became a disciple when the po


Pope, Other Leaders Urge That War With Iraq Be AvoidedAs war clouds darkened the coming of a new year, Pope John Paul II joined other church leaders in asking that a U.S.-led war be avoided with Iraq. In a year-end speech to Vatican officials, he warned against conflicts “that risk exploding again

The EditorsJanuary 20, 2003

Pope John Paul II’s message for this year’s World Day of Peace, Jan. 1, 2003, anticipates the 40th anniversary of Blessed Pope John XXIII’s landmark encyclical Pacem in Terris in April. At a time when the world seems more troubled than at any time since the collapse of Communism in

Ron HansenJanuary 20, 2003

Writing of his need to keep a journal Verlyn Klinkenborg indicates in The Rural Life that he hopes it will be a conscientious record of the count of crows in the field every afternoon If a flock of turkeys walks into the barnyard I want to mention the fact If one of the horses throws a shoe