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November 11, 2002

Vol.187 / No.15
Katarina M. SchuthNovember 11, 2002

This book like Richard Schoenherr rsquo s Full Pews and Empty Altars 1993 will be controversial His earlier work was a demographic study that identified the magnitude of the priest shortage and made projections about future trends Since the news was not good some criticized his findings and o

Willard F. JabuschNovember 11, 2002

To say merely that it was “inappropriate” would be a gross understatement. On a Sunday afternoon in the great Romanesque abbey church of Maria Laach in the German Rheinland, a mother and father with three preteen children strolled down the aisle casually licking their ice cream cones. Al

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonNovember 11, 2002

Spending three decades as a married couple in the same difficult apostolate—prison reform—represents no small achievement. Charlie and Pauline Sullivan are co-founders of CURE, a grassroots organization that is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year ( My first e

Thomas E. BuckleyNovember 11, 2002

Shortly after his inauguration in January 2001, President George W. Bush announced a partnership between government and “community-serving and faith-based organizations—whether run by Methodists, Muslims, Mormons or good people of no faith at all.” His proposal significantly expand

Constance M. McGovernNovember 11, 2002

Feeling totally alone and undone by a lack of support within the Bush administration and just one week after Bush had nominated her as Secretary of Labor Linda Chavez withdrew Chavez explained that her opponents especially the A F L -C I O the Democrats and their various interest groups had go

Our readersNovember 11, 2002

Truth and Feeling

I’d like to commend Gerard Quigley’s lovely, evocative illustration for Some Basics About Celibacy (10/28). It is a beautiful example of how symbols communicate both truth and feeling.

William J. O’Malley, S.J.

The Word
John R. DonahueNovember 11, 2002

Sister Norice our sixth-grade teacher called me out of class and said that the pastor wanted to see me In fear and trembling I went over to the church only to find that a server was needed for an unexpected funeral After Mass Monsignor Nelligan gave me 2 a huge sum in 1943 Going home on the