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October 28, 2002

Vol.187 / No.13
Of Many Things
George M. AndersonOctober 28, 2002

Small art galleries abound in Manhattan, and one of them—the AXA Gallery—is only a few blocks from America House. During the summer it featured an exhibit called “Testimony: Vernacular Art of the African American South.” I stopped by to see it several times, drawn by the work

Denise Lardner CarmodyOctober 28, 2002

Michael Crosby is widely appreciated for his many gifts as a lecturer and author in the area of biblical spirituality He invariably brings to his audiences both clarity and commitment The clarity flows not only from his rhetorical prowess but from his considerable mastery of spirituality especial

Our readersOctober 28, 2002

Ubiquitous and Protean

Buried in the substantial disinformation throughout the Rev. Andrew R. Baker’s Ordination and Same Sex Attraction (9/30), old chestnuts about allegedly effeminate affective manners and proper masculine behavior most alerted my historian’s antennae. As

Thomas P. SweetserOctober 28, 2002

In the first century, Peter had a dream in Joppa, a strange dream that encouraged him to eat prohibited food that was common and unclean. This was not kosher. Then he heard a knock at the door. A group of gentiles, sent by Cornelius, asked him to come with them to Caesarea. He agreed, mystified by t

Faith in Focus
Michael J. DaleyOctober 28, 2002

It was unusually hot that July afternoon. Cara had just asked me for some more water so that the sand would pack better. Sweating, frustrated and with a two-year-old getting the best of me, I said to myself, “What are you doing?” Here I was stuck in the backyard, trapped in a sandbox, an

John W. OMalleyOctober 28, 2002

Before this year many American Catholics probably had never heard of, surely had never used the word celibacy. But in the wake of the sex-abuse scandals it has appeared so often in newspapers and journals and been heard so often on radio and television that it no longer can be classified as an unusu

Tom OBrienOctober 28, 2002

The physicist Niels Bohr once said The opposite of a true statement is a false statement But the opposite of a very true statement may very well be another true statement Contrary to postmodernist hijackings as in the play Copenhagen modern physics is not about the absence of truth but the pr