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September 30, 2002

Vol.187 / No.9
Stephen Bede ScharperSeptember 30, 2002

Though often labeled a modern-day Thoreau Wendell Berry is perhaps more akin to a biblical prophet a lone voice crying not in the wilderness but from his own farm Like Isaiah and Amos Berry is able to discern the embedded patterns of corruption and injustice in a culture of haves and have-nots

Lorraine V. MurraySeptember 30, 2002

My dad was a gambler. One of my earliest memories is seeing him checking the racing results in the newspaper and circling likely prospects for the next day’s betting. My father’s habit wouldn’t have been a problem had we been a rich family, but we weren’t. When he and my mom

The Word
John R. DonahueSeptember 30, 2002

Tales of unrequited love have shaped the tragic imagination in dramas like Euripides rsquo s ldquo Medea rdquo or Shakespeare rsquo s ldquo Othello rdquo in which the spurned Roderigo hastens the downfall of ldquo one that loved not wisely but too well rdquo in epic poems with Dido on the

Thomas J. GumbletonSeptember 30, 2002

One major fallout of the current crisis of leadership in the Catholic Church is the scapegoating of homosexual priests and seminarians. One bishop was quoted as saying that his “unscientific conclusion is that most sexual abuse by priests is against adolescent boys and therefore is rooted in s


U.S. Bishops Oppose Pre-Emptive, Unilateral Force Against Iraq

Any pre-emptive, unilateral use of military force to overthrow the government of Iraq cannot be justified at this time, the U.S. bishops told President Bush. The bishops urged Bush to step back from the brink of war

George M. AndersonSeptember 30, 2002

Walking up Willis Avenue, one of the more desolate thoroughfares of the South Bronx, I was on my way to interview Simone Ponnet of the Little Sisters of the Gospel, who is the executive director of Abraham House. Abraham House ( is a residential program for prisoners assigned th

Andrew M. GreeleySeptember 30, 2002

When we were in the seminary our economics professor Ed Roche God be good to him told us one day that his classmates were getting old ldquo I say to them when you start complaining about the young guys it rsquo s proof you rsquo re getting old rdquo Ironically his classmates in those days