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August 26, 2002

Vol.187 / No.5
The Word
John R. DonahueAugust 26, 2002

Church life in the last six months has been dominated by shameful actions of some of its priests and hierarchy and is now preoccupied although belatedly with protecting its most vulnerable members The fourth of the great discourses of Jesus in Matthew Ch 18 called the Sermon on the Church a

Rita M. MurphyAugust 26, 2002

The people of Natal, Brazil played a crucial part in major developments in the Brazilian church.

Edward M. WelchAugust 26, 2002

Recent moves by many to privatize social security view the Social Security system as a savings and investment plan for middle-income workers. This view distorts the debate, because that is not what Social Security was intended to be and not what it has been up to this point. Social Security was crea

Terry GolwayAugust 26, 2002

Nearly six months ago, when each day’s front page brought more terrible news for the Catholic Church in the United States, I had a series of telephone conversations with several anguished Catholics in the Boston area. We talked about their anger, but we talked in equal measure about their fait

Peter HeineggAugust 26, 2002

ldquo Once a reasonable number of our germ cells have been given a chance to impart their DNA to the next generation rdquo U C L A biologist William R Clark reminds us ldquo our somatic cells become so much excess baggage They serve no useful function and they mdash we mdash must die so th

Barry BallardAugust 26, 2002


My father says it’s too late, the cancer

The Word
John R. DonahueAugust 26, 2002

After the grand promises given to Peter in Mt 16 16-20 Jesus points his disciples to Jerusalem where he will suffer greatly and ultimately be crucified Peter to whom God revealed that Jesus was Messiah ldquo rebukes rdquo Jesus a strong word often when Jesus ldquo rebukes rdquo a demon