Edward M. WelchNovember 14, 2005
Jesus did not have much to say about tax policy. He brushed off questions, saying, Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. The Gospel message does, however, have important implications for how we should collect taxes. Christ clearly taught that we should be concerned about the least among us, that
Edward M. WelchFebruary 21, 2005
As one of the world’s last industrialized nations to be without a national health care system, the United States is beleagured by a host of public health problems and contrasting proposals to solve them. Yet all the discourse appears to have generated no great public outcry for universal cover
Edward M. WelchDecember 01, 2003
The Catholic Church has taught for over a century that the use of money, capital and markets must be subservient to the good of humankind. It has said that free competition though justified and quite useful within certain limits, cannot be an adequate controlling principle in economic affairs, and h
Edward M. WelchMay 19, 2003
There is a growing consensus that the top executives of our corporations appear to be overly compensated and that something needs to be done about this. The Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan, has spoken about infectious greed in American corporate leadership. Business Week has pointed out tha
Edward M. WelchMay 19, 2003
From 2003, a warning about the salary inequalities on Wall Street and elsewhere
Edward M. WelchAugust 26, 2002
Recent moves by many to privatize social security view the Social Security system as a savings and investment plan for middle-income workers. This view distorts the debate, because that is not what Social Security was intended to be and not what it has been up to this point. Social Security was crea