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May 27, 2002

Vol.186 / No.18
Willie James KingMay 27, 2002

We are spared nothing Yusef says

J. Michael ByronMay 27, 2002

We have struggled this season with a number of deeply troubling issues related to the tragedies of sexual abuse of minors by priests in this country. The first wave of responses, rightly enough, has been to put a stop to systems and behavior patterns that pose immediate risks to potential victims. T

Timothy J. OKeefeMay 27, 2002

It would be difficult to discover two contemporary authors who rival Peter Hennessy and Roy Jenkins as articulate and authoritative interpreters of modern British political life Each author brings to his work a well-established reputation as expert analyst of the institutions and personnel governin

Roger M. MahonyMay 27, 2002

The expectations surrounding the meeting in Rome on April 23-24 of the U.S. cardinals, the leaders of our bishops’ conference and members of the Roman Curia were enormously unrealistic. Those hopes ranged from a quick and final plan to end decades of child abuse in the church to a Third Vatica


Bishop Gregory Says Bishops Will Hear, Pray With Victims in DallasWhen the U.S. bishops meet in Dallas from June 13 to 15 to develop a national policy on clergy sexual abuse of minors, there will be “direct participation by some who have been directly harmed by a cleric,” said Bishop Wil

Andrew M. GreeleyMay 27, 2002

Hillaire Belloc, an English Catholic writer from the first half of the last century, once remarked apropos of Catholic leadership that any organization whose leadership was guilty of such knavish imbecility must have the special protection of God. As we ride the turbulent waves of the latest reprise

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonMay 27, 2002

Not being a television fan, on free evenings I tune in to some classical music on National Public Radio. The music serves as background for reading. Early in the morning, I turn on the radio again for the news in Spanish as part of my efforts to learn that language.As a child, however, listening to