Charles M. WhelanOctober 29, 2015
What can be done now is for the church to make possible an official reconciliation for Catholics involved in stable second marriages, when their first marriage is dead and they have demonstrated the sincerity of their desire to live, worship and work in the church.
Charles M. WhelanMay 27, 2002
The ideal is collaboration, not confrontation. It would be just as wrong for the churches to expect the federal and state governments to solve the problem of sexual abuse of children as it would be for the government to expect the religious denominations to solve the problem.The problem is not relig
Charles M. WhelanMarch 11, 1961
PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDYS education message to Congress contained several surprises, but none more disappointing than the statement on parochial schools: In accordance with the clear prohibition of the Constitution, no elementary or secondary school funds are allocated for constructing church sch