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May 20, 2002

Vol.186 / No.17
Faith in Focus
George KearneyMay 20, 2002

I walked across the deck of the pool at Flick Park, one of the public pools in Glenview, the embryonic suburb north of Chicago where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Little children splashed their way through the kiddie pool on my right. I was there with some friends headed for the water slide

John A. ColemanMay 20, 2002

This is the first book I ever reviewed which I have not only read but prayed overand listened to on a CD the book comes with a CD spoken by the actor Martin Sheen Kennedy a gifted even charismatic pastor and longtime chaplain in jails had earlier done specialized training in the practice of s

Avery DullesMay 20, 2002

When the history of American higher education is written, scholars will surely remark on the phenomenal proliferation of Catholic universities since the middle of the 20th century. To some extent, these universities are still finding their way in relation to the church and the secular society in whi


Cardinal Law Gives Deposition in Civil Suit Against ArchdioceseCardinal Bernard F. Law was interrogated under oath on May 8 by a lawyer representing 86 people who have filed suit against him and the Archdiocese of Boston, alleging that he was negligent in supervising John J. Geoghan when Geoghan was

Paul L. LocatelliMay 20, 2002

Speaking to the higher education community at Santa Clara University in October 2000, Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., the superior general of the Jesuits, could have been anticipating the tectonic shift that the events of Sept. 11 would cause when he gave a new challenge to all Jesuit colleges and univ

Terry GolwayMay 20, 2002

The departure of a White House staff member, even one who is said to be a president’s alter-ego, rarely inspires a raft of cultural commentary. But when Karen Hughes, President George W. Bush’s top advisor, announced in late April that she would be returning to her home state of Texas wi

Richard J. HauserMay 20, 2002

Robert King a retired philosophy and religion professor and academic dean discovered only late in his academic career the contemplative dimension of Christianity Indeed the very idea of contemplative practice was alien to the tradition in which I was educated he notes There is a strong emphasi