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April 8, 2002

Vol.186 / No.12
Thomas R. MurphyApril 08, 2002

Sadly the question of how a president of the United States might lead effectively in wartime is again pertinent in terms of both historiography and policy Recently the nation learned that Michael Beschloss rsquo transcription of Lyndon Johnson rsquo s recorded conversations reveal that Johnson

Christopher PramukApril 08, 2002

Baptized in the rivers of night, Gethsemani has recovered her innocence. Darkness brings a semblance of order before all things disappear. With the clock slung over my shoulder, in the silence of the Fourth of July, it is my time to be the night watchman, in the house that will one day perish.Thomas


Paul Mariani is a poet critic biographer and holder of an endowed chair in the English department of Boston College In his idle moments he is also the poetry editor for America In Thirty Days he gives us a spiritual memoir tracking his experiences while making the long retreat set out in the

Our readersApril 08, 2002

Our Own Penance

To add to the tragedy of pedophile priests (Signs of the Times, 3/18), there have been no words of sorrow, no admissions of complicity, no words of compassion from the pope or his Vatican officials addressed directly to the victims (and their families) of sexual


Vatican on Scandals—Defensive but Understands SeriousnessAfter months of reticence, the Vatican confronted the painful issue of clerical sex abuse in a twin initiative—a papal letter and a press conference. According to John Thavis of Catholic News Service, statements issued on March 21

The EditorsApril 08, 2002

The mood this easter in the American church is particularly solemn. The penitential season of Lent and the six-month anniversary of the attack on our country have combined with almost daily revelations of clerical misconduct to create a most somber tone. Despite all the scandal and muckraking, the l

Paul WilkesApril 08, 2002

What is it about this book that troubles me with its robust Catholic cheerleading rah-rahing us through sacraments the life and current presence of Jesus Christ our rich tradition While I completely agree with what Thomas Groome is saying am I turning into somewhat of a crabby Catholic at the