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April 1, 2002

Vol.186 / No.11
Faith The Word
John R. DonahueApril 01, 2002

People frequently ask, “What is the church?” Today’s readings provide foundational images for God’s own people.

The EditorsApril 01, 2002

In this issue, America deals with a crisis that is causing enormous pain and great scandal in the churchsexual abuse by priests. These crimesthere is no other word for themhave physically, psychologically and spiritually damaged hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children and their families. They have

Paul F. MorrisseyApril 01, 2002

"Gay priests are living a lie", declares Garry Wills in his book Papal Sin: Structures of Deceit (Doubleday, 2000). As a priest-psychotherapist who has spent 25 years conducting workshops, support groups and retreats for gay priests and religious men and women, this statement and those who

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJApril 01, 2002

A few months ago I received a phone call from a parishioner at St. Leo’s Church, in Stamford, Conn. It was something of a surprise: the last time I had set foot in that church was almost 14 years ago. During our conversation, I mentioned how important the parish had been in my life, and that I

Gerald T. CobbApril 01, 2002

The novelist Iris Murdoch died only two years ago at the age of 79 but already a memoir film and biography have appeared to preserve her memory for devoted fans and to introduce her to new audiences In Iris Murdoch A Life Peter J Conradi offers a wide-ranging look at the life of a writer and p

Curtis BryantApril 01, 2002

The painful news of priest sex offenders is back, emerging with the familiar tale of suffering, shame and sorrow. Even though most of these stories are about events that took place over a decade ago, they have the effect of re-wounding. The pressing questions: How frequent are cases of priest-offend

Pegi TaylorApril 01, 2002

Jodi Zierhut, a parole and probation agent for the Department of Corrections in Milwaukee, Wis., escorts a client out of her office. She has a caseload of about 40 sex offenders. Another agent comes up to her and whispers, I can’t believe he’s a sex offender. Even people trained to think