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January 7, 2002

Vol.186 / No.1
Terry GolwayJanuary 07, 2002

As is its custom during this festive season, the cable television channel A&E recently devoted an evening to its Biography of the Year. The winner was New York’s Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, whose splendid leadership on and after Sept. 11 won the admiration of the world. Finishing behind Giulia

The Word
John R. DonahueJanuary 07, 2002

The baptism of Jesus the epiphany and the wedding feast at Cana form in the church rsquo s liturgy a triptych of public manifestations of Jesus Though the word baptism suggests a ritual the main themes of the readings are God rsquo s commissioning and manifestation of the one who will establish j

Steve BradenJanuary 07, 2002

“God is in the room—even more than Elvis,” quipped the lead singer Bono in reference to U2’s concert performances last summer. The third and final leg of their world tour, called “Elevation,” opened on Oct. 10 in Notre Dame’s Joyce Athletic Convocation Cente

Our readersJanuary 07, 2002

Out of BoundsProfessor Daryl Domning’s boldness in tackling the very confusing matter of evil in the world deserves respect (“Evolution, Evil and Original Sin,” 11/12/01). But some of his conclusions leap out of bounds. They go beyond the limits of his working method, a scientific

Stephen A. GarrettJanuary 07, 2002

One of the most striking developments in recent years concerning international law and the protection of human rights has been the emergence of the concept of universal jurisdiction over crimes against humanity. The essence of the concept is that any country can prosecute violators of human rights,

Jose M. SanchezJanuary 07, 2002

David Kertzer author of the acclaimed study of the kidnapping of the Jewish child Edgardo Mortara by Pope Pius IX here expands his purview to take in the anti-Semitic behavior of all the popes from the restoration of the Papal States in 1814 to the accession of Pius XII in 1939 His study he says

The EditorsJanuary 07, 2002

Most Americans were in a party mood on New Year’s Eve two years ago. Although they had been admonished that 2000 was, properly speaking, the closing year of the 20th century, they generally celebrated its first day as the start of a new millenniumand celebrated with carefree exuberance. There