Jose M. SanchezMay 07, 2012
Had he lived longer would Pius XI have condemned Hitler?
Jose M. SanchezNovember 28, 2005
The study of the Catholic response to the Holocaust goes beyond the event itself as demonstrated in this work by Suzanne Brown-Fleming a historian with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum In The Holocaust and Catholic Conscience she probes the career of Aloisius Muench one of the most co
Jose M. SanchezNovember 08, 2004
In light of the present worldwide prestige of the papacy it comes as a shock to realize that less than a century and a quarter ago an anticlerical mob tried to interrupt Pope Pius IX rsquo s funeral procession determined to throw the pope rsquo s corpse into the Tiber And it seems like ancient hi
Jose M. SanchezJanuary 05, 2004
In September 1943 after the downfall of Mussolini and the occupation of Italy by the Germans the Allies landed forces at Salerno 160 miles south of Rome opening the attack on Hitler rsquo s Fortress Europe In Rome everyone the Germans included expected the Allied forces to be in the city wit
Jose M. SanchezFebruary 18, 2002
The four-decades-old controversy over Pius XII and the Holocaust has always been more political than historical, but never more so than now. The International Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission appointed to review the Vatican-published documents on the wartime pontiff has foundered on politics. B
Jose M. SanchezJanuary 07, 2002
David Kertzer author of the acclaimed study of the kidnapping of the Jewish child Edgardo Mortara by Pope Pius IX here expands his purview to take in the anti-Semitic behavior of all the popes from the restoration of the Papal States in 1814 to the accession of Pius XII in 1939 His study he says
Jose M. SanchezMarch 25, 2000
Concordats are treaties between states and the Holy See regulating the civil status of the church Because the Holy See represents not only political interests but moral ones as well concordats unlike most treaties tend to be confused in the popular mind with the notion that the Holy See approves