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December 3, 2001

Vol.185 / No.18
The Word
John R. DonahueDecember 03, 2001

Another year winds down the days grow ever shorter and this Advent seems especially gray a time When yellow leaves or none or few do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold Bare ruin 39 d choirs where late the sweet birds sang Shakespeare Sonnet 73 Despite exhortations and

Our readersDecember 03, 2001

Nonviolent Tradition

While America and Catholic leaders across the world scramble to determine whether U.S. military action against terrorism meets just war criteria and how indeed we might satisfy those criteria, I am disturbed by the insistence on linking just war

Richard A. BlakeDecember 03, 2001

Even by the generous criteria generally applied to summer films, last summer was a particularly disappointing season. Vacation movies target young audiences with young themes, and, as a result, they emerge half-baked from the minds of young, or wannabe young, filmmakers. Okay, I plead nolo contender

Of Many Things
John W. DonohueDecember 03, 2001

In the summer of 1219, Francis of Assisi traveled to Egypt with the hope of converting the Saracens from Islam to Christianity. He stayed with some crusaders, who told him his mission was impossible and could easily cost him his life. Francis ignored the warnings and managed to secure an audience wi

Terry GolwayDecember 03, 2001

Advent beckons, and still the mourning continues in and around New York. The news brings stories of battlefield successes in Afghanistan and heartening reports of men and women celebrating their liberation from the Taliban. But the war news brings little cheer to many homes in the New York area. The

Paul MarianiDecember 03, 2001

I began writing my review of John Updike rsquo s new collection of poems Americana during the week of Sept 11 and froze unable to inch forward as the ironies in a book that begins with 15 poems about seeing America from the air compounded and screamed back at me Poems with titles like ldquo C

Faith in Focus
Valerie SchultzDecember 03, 2001

Kathleen and I make all the arrangements mothers have to make to spend a day away from their childrenbefore-school care, after-school care, instructions and emergency information. Everything is in order for us to be gone from early morning to late afternoon. We have 100 miles to go each way. She ins