Paul Mariani, poet and biographer, is a former poetry editor at America and University Professor of English Emeritus at Boston College.

Faith Faith in Focus
Paul MarianiSeptember 13, 2019
Who was this brilliant, saintly priest who founded the Christian Brothers? Perhaps now, on the 300th anniversary of his death, it is time for those of us who have benefited so richly from our educations to remember who he was.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Paul MarianiApril 26, 2019
Strange meeting this, the holes there in his hands and feet and heart.
Arts & Culture Books
Paul MarianiFebruary 22, 2019
Frank Bidart tells us he came the closest to finding himself in his own poetry—and even then, not really.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Paul MarianiSeptember 11, 2017

 “I really feel I can touch you even in this darkness when I pray.”
    —War correspondent James Foley (1973—2014)
           from his last message to his family

Man Jack the man is, just” Gerard Manley Hopkins

Arts & Culture Poetry
Paul MarianiSeptember 08, 2017
What stays with me in reading Ashbery is the sense of existential loneliness beneath the linguistic play and multiple voices. 
Paul MarianiMarch 12, 2012

Those wooden floors with their pine-scented antiseptic

Paul MarianiMarch 05, 2012

Following a saint through Spain

Paul MarianiApril 25, 2011

Together with director James Franco, Paul Mariani set out to find the poet, Hart Crane.

Paul MarianiMarch 09, 2009
Robert Lowell, Elizabeth Bishop and the 'great might have been'
Paul MarianiDecember 24, 2007

At the interstices between the word & silence