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November 18, 2000

Vol.183 / No.16
George M. AndersonNovember 18, 2000

A relatively new phenomenon in this centurythey began to appear only in the early 1980’sprivately operated prisons have rapidly proliferated throughout much of the United States, especially in the South and West. Their upward surge is one result of ongoing tough-on-crime policies that have swo

Kathy OConnellNovember 18, 2000

What may even be worse than racism an African-American friend said not long ago is white guilt over racism He went on to quote everyone from Lenny Bruce and the Rev Martin Luther King Jr to W E B Du bois Racism was a problem yes but focusing on what is not being done to balance racial rel

John F. KavanaughNovember 18, 2000

It is a strange happenstance that many people, whether justified or not, see foreboding clouds looming over Catholic health care, Catholic higher education, and Catholic ecumenism. While some may contend that the problem is within these institutions, others fear that the threat is from the hierarchi

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonNovember 18, 2000

To walk where the young Henry James once walkedthat is what you can do if you are lucky enough to visit Linwood, a spiritual center near Rhinebeck, N.Y. The mid-19th-century owner of the property was Augustus James, Henry’s uncle. During his boyhood, Henry used to spend some of his summers the

Faith in Focus
Timothy E. OConnellNovember 18, 2000

Don and his three colleagues were strolling the aisles of the department store, singing holiday carols as they’d been hired to do. Wrapped in colorful scarves, jaunty caps on their heads, they gave a wondrously festive feel to the bustle of the shopping experience. The fact that they were very

Stephen J. PopeNovember 18, 2000

Last May the people of Boston were stunned, angered and depressed upon being informed about yet another case of alleged child sexual abuse by someone working for the churchindeed, about what prosecutors say could be the largest child molestation case in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachuset

Nancy HawkinsNovember 18, 2000

Anyone who believes that modernity has quietly packed its bags and faded away under the weight of postmodernism needs to read John Thornhill rsquo s Modernity Christianity rsquo s Estranged Child Reconstructed Thornhill who is recently retired served as the head of the department of systematic t