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August 26, 2000

Vol.183 / No.5
John A. ColemanAugust 26, 2000

Mike Davis is a lively and gifted writer of the left with the flair even if often polemical of a born journalist Parts of several chapters in Magical Urbanism first appeared as journal articles in The Nation and L A Weekly Davis won his spurs in urban sociologygarnering thereby both controvers

The EditorsAugust 26, 2000

 Since 1938, when the newly passed Federal Labor Standards Act established the first minimum wage at 25 cents an hour ($2.89 in 1998 dollars), eight presidents have signed into law increases of varying amounts. The minimum wage has provided a safeguard against some of the more egregious forms o

The Word
John R. DonahueAugust 26, 2000

Having completed a long tour through John 6 the Lectionary returns to Mark with a dispute between Jesus the Pharisees and some scribes experts in the law over rules to assure purity when eating The readings present something of a paradox The first reading the beginning of the prayer that Jew

Randall MannAugust 26, 2000

The early-birds arrive before the sun;

John BorelliAugust 26, 2000

Progress in unity among Christians does not occur step by step. Communions of Christians do not stand still. They are constantly developing within themselves and forming new communions, sometimes adopting new structures and practices, at other times recovering ways that were once held in common. As

Our readersAugust 26, 2000

Joyful InspirationThe June 17 issue has been a source of pure joy for me. The cover with its colors and, I hope, authentic maternity clothes and the singing and dancing of all parties is so true to Jewish life. Miriam looks like a Jewish girl. Elizabeth must have been able to give her cousin true wo

James Martin, SJAugust 26, 2000

Not long ago a friend asked if I could recommend a good book on Ignatian spirituality He was an intelligent college-educated young man interested not simply in deepening his prayer but more specifically learning about what could be called the specifics of the way of Saint Ignatiusfor example t