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April 22, 2000

Vol.182 / No.14
The EditorsApril 22, 2000

St. Augustine was probably not the first, and he was certainly not the last to remark that even pagans believe that Jesus died. It is only Christians who believe that after death he rose to a new life. The joy that is awakened by this belief in the Resurrection is not supposed to be just a seasonal

John E. ThielApril 22, 2000

Raymond Maloney S J a professor of systematic theology at the Milltown Institute Dublin accomplishes much in this short book on a vexing issue in the history of theology the kind of knowledge that Christ possessed and what that knowledge says about the way God became a human being The issue of

John F. KavanaughApril 22, 2000

The most challenging, the most distressing and yet the most strangely consoling book I have read this year is Annie Dillard’s For the Time Being. It is many things: a string of knotty episodes, a litany of loss, a catalogue of catastrophe, a cry for meaning. Crisscrossing the stories of wise r

Paul J. FitzgeraldApril 22, 2000

Isaias crossed the small parking lot next to the church and approached the rectory. On an open door was written, "Proyecto Guadalupano: a Program of the Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission." In the small office, he sat down opposite Arturo López, the program director, and began to tell h

Our readersApril 22, 2000

Lex Orandi, Lex CredendiAlong with many Catholics I was proud of Pope John Paul II’s act of courage and humility in confessing the sins of the church and asking forgiveness. Such an acknowledgment was particularly appropriate in this Lenten season, when the Passion accounts candidly acknowledg

Chris AndersonApril 22, 2000

What I saw on the flushed


and sweaty face of my son

Lawrence G. MullerApril 22, 2000

The Mystic Heart is as an excellent survey and overview of the present state of interfaith or multifaith spirituality at the end of the 20th century Wayne Teasdale the author of several books and many articles on interreligious topics and co-editor with George F Cairns of the recent The Communit