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April 8, 2000

Vol.182 / No.12
The Word
John R. DonahueApril 08, 2000

The cumbersome title given to this day in the latest revision of the Lectionary Palm Sunday of the Lord rsquo s Passion captures the dual aspect of the liturgical celebration The processional rite of blessing and carrying palms describes Jesus rsquo triumphal entry into Jerusalem in what will be


Pope Preaches Reconciliation and Peace in Holy LandWith slow but determined steps, Pope John Paul II made his long-desired pilgrimage to the Holy Land, preaching peace and reconciliation among the region's peoples and religions. From the heights of Mount Nebo in Jordan to the shores of the Sea o

Paul WilkesApril 08, 2000

We Catholics are quite a strange lot actually We make the nastiest bigots and the most wonderful saints Of course such a potpourri of human experience could never be stirred by such clumsy tools as doctrine and church discipline No there rsquo s far more to it than that In the hands and throug

Walter J. BurghardtApril 08, 2000

The death of the Jesuit moral theologian Richard A. McCormick at 77 forces an uncommon sadness not only on family and friends but on the world of scholarship as well. For in his own field Father McCormick has provided a remarkable example of five facets that should characterize the genuine Catholic

Andrew M. GreeleyApril 08, 2000

Agnes Browne is a Dublin widow with seven children six sons struggling to see her offspring into maturity in the Dublin of the early 1970 rsquo s It was the time of the first lurch toward prosperity that would anticipate the present era of the Celtic Tiger in which the standard of living of Irel

Of Many Things
Patricia A. KossmannApril 08, 2000

All things are relative, as they say. With the domestic fuel supply dwindling and neither the president nor OPEC budging from the status quo, we have been told to expect at least a $2 per gallon automobile gas price by June. But then, as a local radio commentator remarked recently, just imagine the


Here are three books about Christian faith each orthodox in content diverse in approach and likely to appeal to different audiences I read them serially in under a month rsquo s time They deserve better Still I tried to imagine some ways in which readers might use these books to great advan