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Simcha Fisher
Let’s begin to enlist both left and right in service of the vulnerable—using the ideological language they already accept.
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Michael P. Murphy
The unlikely journey of the Loyola Chicago Ramblers participates in a national conversation where, for three weeks anyway, we are all invited to consider what counts when it comes to personal, communal and institutional values in contemporary culture.
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Drew Christiansen
Evangelicals have helped the Catholic Church at the highest levels.
At the March for Life on Jan. 22, 2016, a police officer warns pro-choice activists to make way for pro-life marchers. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
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Elizabeth Bruenig
Activists do not yet seem to have developed plans for engaging voters on the opposing side.
An illustration from "Dispensational Truth or God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages" by Clarence Larkin, courtesy of preservedwords.com
Nathan Schneider
One can wait for the climate apocalypse to come, or one can see that it is happening already, especially in the pockets and places far from centers of power, where people live closest to the earth.
Seminarians join climate justice activists at a plaza in Manila, Philippines, Nov. 29, the day before the start of the U.N. climate change conference, known as the COP21 summit, in Paris. (CNS photo/Simone Orendain)
Anthony Annett
As recent events make painfully clear, there is a direct link between climate change and political unrest. The war in Syria has many fathers. But one of these is surely climate change.