Our readers September 21, 2018

Hoping for Resolution

Our readers September 07, 2018
"Until the power structure of the church changes, nothing else will. Let us see what they come up with at the November meeting."
Our readers August 24, 2018
“Catholic teachings would object to the dehumanization that comes from determining value by faceless market processes.”
Our readers July 13, 2018
A careful study of history can certainly go a long way toward understanding the present, but it is useless to justify the present. The moral challenge concerns the next choice we make, not the last.
Our readers June 29, 2018
Everyone wants to believe that there is a reason for everything that happens and that good prevails over evil. We know it does not always happen that way.
Our readers June 15, 2018
Doing what we can to bring people together, to build community and to foster the sense of belonging of which Father Michael Rozier speaks is hugely important if we are to care for the whole person.