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The Church of San Raffaele
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J. March 27, 2016
Holy Saturday is a chance to stop for a while, but always with the resolve to move on.
Matt Emerson November 02, 2015
In what I've written, I've tried to adopt the mindset of both teacher and student—to be one who sparks fruitful inquiries as well as one who remains ready to learn.
Matt Emerson October 30, 2015
Catholic News Agency reports on a new foundation created by Pope Francis to advance Catholic education.
Matt Emerson October 29, 2015
I recently began reading Tattoos on the Heart The Power of Boundless Compassion by Greg Boyle S J founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles Homeboy Industries is the largest and most well known gang rehabiliation enterprise in the country It 39 s only about a two-hour drive from the schoo
Matt Emerson October 27, 2015
New initiative led by admissions deans at top campuses is receiving resistance from counselors at Jesuit schools.
Matt Emerson October 22, 2015
'The organization charged with providing services and programming to the 80 Jesuit pre-secondary and secondary schools in the U.S. and Canada.'