Generation Faith

Ashley McKinless December 09, 2019

“A church that does not listen...cannot be credible,” Pope Francis said in his opening remarks to a worldwide meeting of Catholic leaders on the topic of young people.

Jacob Turnrose June 25, 2018
At the start of my senior year of college, I was taking the Eucharist every day. The problem was, I was not Catholic.
James White August 10, 2017
Speaking in front of a hundred people did not come naturally to me.
Suzy Pekar July 28, 2017
Maybe you heard about the breakdancing priests. Seeing the video sparked memories of my own experiences at Steubenville.
Nicole Bazis November 17, 2016
God did not include me, but my too-cool-for-religion friend group did.
Andrew Heyer October 19, 2016
Being at peace with one’s vocation is a great gift. But this gift is not easy to find.